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Audios coming soon for 99 Nightingale Lane!

Hi everyone,

Many of you have enquired about audiobooks. I know they are so popular now and perfect for listening to when we're doing something else or driving. So...some great news. The audios for 99 Nightingale Lane will be released very soon.

I have a wonderful narrator, Lesley Dessalles who is narrating each part and will take you, as if by magic, into the lives of Carrie, John, Ida, Pearl and Tommy...and of course, into the drawing rooms of Edwardian London and the colourful, exciting streets of Bombay.

I'll send a newsletter as soon as they're released, and I can assure you that if you would like to be transported somewhere else, for just a while, this is the way to do it.

I promise you, the story will come alive for you. Lesley is a fabulous narrator. She has lots of experience and I've been amazed at how brilliantly she has hit the spot with every character. I can't wait for you to hear her.

If you've yet to join the Nightingale Laners you can get the first part FREE here to try it out... 99 Nightingale Lane Part 1 FREE 99 Nightingale Lane Boxset

My author page shows all the Nightingale Lane stories if you would like to explore your favourite way of reading, either part by part, boxset or paperback. You will find the paperback of CHRISTMAS AT 99 NIGHTINGALE LANE

My very best wishes to you. Keep in touch. I love it when you write to me and your comments and anecdotes about your lives are very welcome.


Keep well,

Keep safe.

Until next time.

Warmest wishes (Don't forget to download your free book)


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