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The Other Boy: A gripping, heart-rending ghostly psychological thriller, the one you won't forget!

If you love twisty-turny ghostly psychological thrillers and heart-rending stories, make a big pot of coffee - you'll be up all night with THE OTHER BOY, the Richard and Judy Best Seller Finalist.
‘Unputdownable and heart-breaking. Not just a psychological thriller, not just a ghost story but so much more’.
 Birdie-Amazon Reviewer
"This was beautifully written, as always. I expect nothing less from Andrea Hicks. This story is a revelation. By blending stunning writing with a heart-rending ghost story and a psychological twist she had me captured from the first moment." MW
* What secrets does the abandoned mill at Newton-Denham hold?

"They thought the future was in their own hands. They couldn’t have been more wrong”.

Sarah Anders and Dan Kenyon sell their beautiful city apartment and buy an old mill in rural England. Their dream of an idyllic life is shattered when a woman arrives at their new home with a five-year-old boy she says is Dan’s son whom they realise is on the autistic spectrum. Sarah knows nothing about Tobias, and from that moment everything changes.

When Sarah hears Tobias speaking fluently to someone when he's alone she recognises a name, one that devastates her and catapults her back twenty years. Memories she’d buried from a troubled childhood swiftly return to overwhelm her. When doubts creep in over what happened in the past and strange, frightening happenings at the mill shake her to her core, she begins to ask questions in the village about the murder of a child at the mill, and it's not welcome.

Unknown to Sarah, she isn’t the only one who fears the return of her memories, and suddenly she and five-year-old Tobias are in fear for their lives.

'It's the other boy in the basement,' said Tobias. 'The othe
r boy telled me.'

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